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Energy Recovery Ventilators Help Your AC

Summer has arrived in Salt Lake City, UT, which means your air conditioner needs to be on point and ready to go. Good maintenance and careful use will ensure that it stays reliable for you throughout the summer months. But even if it’s firing on all cylinders, your system could cost you a great deal in monthly cooling bills.

One of the best ways to get around that — and solve a number of other issues as well — is to install an energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, in your attic. Now is the perfect time to do so, early in the summer when you still have months of high temperatures to negotiate. The results can be a huge boon to your entire household.

Swapping the Air without Changing the Temperature

The ERV consists of two tubes, each with a blower on opposite ends. One pulls air in from outside your home, and the other pushes air from inside your home out.  A heat exchange connected to both tubes facilitates a shift in the temperature: cooling down the hot air from outside and warming up the inside air as it exits the home. It usually runs in conjunction with your HVAC system, so you never need to worry about whether it’s working or not.

What It Does

An ERV may sound like a lot of effort for little effect, but in fact it can have a profound effect. In the first place, it cycles stale air out of your home and brings in fresh air: avoiding stagnation and keeping germs from circulating endlessly through your home. Considering the fact that we never open doors and windows in the heat of the summer, that’s a big deal. In the process, it helps your home retain cool air more readily. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it could lower your air conditioning bills by as much as 40%.

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