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Effective Uses of Programmable Thermostats

Most thermostats these days have basic programming functions, and if they don’t you may seriously want to think about upgrading yours. (In particular, if you have an older mercury-switch thermostat, you need to make a change immediately.) Programmable thermostats offer a great deal of convenience, allowing you to activate the temperature even when you’re not around. But they can also save you money by helping to reduce the use of your air conditioner, lowering your monthly bills and the risk of a more serious breakdown in equal measures. Generally speaking, the more advanced your thermostat, the more money-saving options you have, but even basic programmable thermostats can save you money. Here are some methods for you to consider.

Turn the AC On Right Before You Get Home

Many people mistakenly believe that running the air conditioner all day saves them money, since AC units cost more to turn on than they do to simply run. In fact, running your AC all day in an empty house is quite wasteful. Yet you shouldn’t have to come home to a super-heated house. A programmable thermostat lets you turn on the air 10-20 minutes before you arrive home each day, cutting down on use without compromising your need to have a cool, comfortable home.

Reduce Cooling Before Sleep

The outside air tends to cool off once the sun goes down, even to the point where you can open the windows at night. A programmable thermostat can be set to reduce the cooling levels before you go to bed each night – 45-60 minutes before you normally turn in – to ensure that you don’t use any more cooling power than you need. You can tweak the precise settings to match your comfort levels, and the local weather should be taken into account as well.

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