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Don’t Panic During a Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can be panic-inducing. We’re accustomed to water being literally at our fingertips, but there’s nothing you can do when a leak or breach sends it spreading across your floor. A plumbing emergency is nothing to fear, but it can be very expensive if it’s allowed to continue, and in the rush to handle the issue, it’s natural to feel a little panicky. The good news is that we offer comprehensive emergency plumbing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can arrive swiftly to help with any problem. You can help your cause out by performing certain basic steps before we get there, to mitigate the damage and help make repairs easier. 

1. Shut off The Water

Every home has an emergency shut-off valve that can turn the water off for your entire home. In addition, most fixtures and outlets have shut-off valves, nearby: under the sink, for example, or on the wall behind your toilet. Shut off the water immediately, even if you don’t see an obvious leak. That will mitigate the damage and keep the situation in hand until qualified help can arrive. If there’s standing water left over, of course, it goes without saying that you should clean it up quickly, before it damages other parts of your home.

2. Refrain from Using the Plumbing System

Never flush your toilets or run your sinks while waiting for emergency plumbing. In an emergency, you can’t always tell how extensive the damage is, or what might happen if you try to use the plumbing elsewhere, even if it doesn’t seem to be affected by the problem. It could impact the problem area or make existing issues worse.

3. Get Clear Details

The more information the plumber has, the faster emergency plumbing services can correct the problem. Never touch anything, but if you can spot the source of the trouble, make a note of it so that you can direct the plumber to it more readily.

At Your Service Plumbing, Heating and Air performs emergency plumbing services throughout Salt Lake City UT.

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