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Destroy Germs with a UV Air Purifier

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, and the best one for your Draper, UT home depends on the specific needs of your family. Health always trumps comfort, however, and above all an air filter has to reduce the instances of illness and germs in your home. For that, a UV air purifier makes a perfect addition: simple, straightforward, and amazingly effective. Here’s how it works.

Ultraviolet Lights the Way

The UV stands for “ultraviolet,” and if you recall high school science class, you know that it;s a light beyond a wavelength you can see. There are concerns about high amounts of UV light in sunlight, which causes our skin to tan and burn, but in lower amounts, it’s perfectly safe for humans and pets. (In fact, if you go to a rock concert and see your white t-shirt glowing in the dark, it’s caused by a UV light.) For germs and bacteria, on the other hand, UV light will either kill them outright or render them unable to reproduce… making it the perfect means of eliminating them from your home.

Maximum Efficiency

Obviously, you can’t just bathe your whole house in UV light: that would be impractical in the extreme. But as your heater or air conditioner runs, it cycles through the air in your home, making the apex of the duct system to perfect place to be the most effective for the least amount of effort, A UV germicidal light installed there creates a perfect field of light stretching across the width of the system, and as the air conditioner runs, the germs in the air can’t help but pass through it. Over time, it scrubs your air clean of infection, leading to a safer and healthier home.

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