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Cut Down on your AC Bills this Summer

With summer on its way in South Jordan, UT, your air conditioner is apt to see a lot of use. Naturally, that’s going to involve higher air conditioning bills as well, though it doesn’t have to. Now is the time to make alteration to your air conditioning plan, both with little steps you can take yourself and more formal installations that can cut down on your air conditioning bills a great deal. We’ve spelled out a few of the more common steps below.

  • Get your system maintained. A maintenance session from a trained technician is the ideal way to keep your system running at its peak, as well as taking care of little details that could add up to a big problem in the future.
  • Seal up cracks around windows and doors. You can purchase stripping at the local home improvement store and seal up those cracks to cut down on lost cool air.
  • Install an energy recovery ventilator. These ingenious devices swap stale air form your home out with fresh air from outside, all without altering the indoor temperature one bit. Not only does it keep your air cleaner by pushing out germs, but it helps lower the strain on your air conditioner as well.
  • Program your thermostat smartly. Never leave your thermostat running all day just to have a cool house waiting for you. Instead, program your air conditioner to turn on 30 minutes before you arrive home. Your house will feel just as cool and you’ll save a great deal of money on monthly bills.
  • Change or clean the filter. Your air conditioner’s filter will build up dust and debris over time, restricting the flow of air through your system. Clean or change yours once every 1-3 months.

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