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Common Plumbing Problems in Salt Lake City

Your plumbing system is part of the infrastructure of your home. It is responsible for making sure that you and your home are kept clean and comfortable. It allows you to take a hot shower in the morning to get ready for work, and to prepare dinner and clean up. It’s difficult to imagine what your home would be like without a comprehensive plumbing system. When professionally installed, it requires minimal maintenance, but problems can arise anywhere water is contained or transported. Your pipes can corrode and joints can begin to become problematic. It’s important to remain vigilant about the various parts of your home and your plumbing system is no exception. At Your Service Heating and Air offers excellent plumbing repair services in Salt Lake City. We can handle any problem that you might have, large or small.

  • Trap leak. A trap is a curved section of piping installed beneath drains to prevent the rise of foul odors back up in the home. Over time, however, it may develop a leak at one of its joints. This can lead to wastewater dripping into the bathroom sink vanity or kitchen sink cabinet. You need to make sure that all of your indoor plumbing is in good condition at all times.
  • Clogged drainpipe. You need to make sure that your drainpipes are in good condition at all times. Your shower, kitchen sink, and bathroom sink are all subject to the accumulation of debris such as hair, food bits, grease, and soap scum. Drain cleaning is the best preventive measure, but sometimes a clogged pipe is inevitable.
  • Main water line leak. If you find wet spots in your yard, then you may have a serious main water line leak. These can occur for a variety of reasons, including tree root penetration, old age, and soil erosion. It can lead to high water bills in addition to any negative effects to your property. Leaks only tend to get worse so it’s best to have yours looked at as soon as possible.

At Your Heating and Air provides excellent plumbing repair services in Salt Lake City. Give us a call today for prompt service.

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