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Common Furnace Repairs

Furnaces have a lot of moving parts, so they can sometimes be more prone to repair than other types of heating systems. However, there are some furnace repairs our At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air technician see more than others here in Salt Lake City. But just because they may be common doesn’t mean that you should handle them yourself. Heating repairs require training and certification, particularly with combustion-based systems, so if you are experiencing any kind of heating issue, call us today.

Blower Issues

The blower of your furnace is the large fan that pushes the warm air through your ductwork and into your living spaces. Problems that can develop with your blower are motor issues, problems with corroded and/or frayed wiring, worn or torn fan belts and loose or bent fan blades.

Ignition Problems

There are 3 types of ignitions for furnaces: standing pilot, intermittent pilot and hot surface ignition. With the two pilot ignitions, a dirty nozzle can affect whether or not the pilot lights and if it does, dirt can affect the viability of the flame, which can cause the safety mechanisms to shut down the ignition process. Hot surface ignitions can be prone to cracking due to their constant exposure to very hot temperatures. Ignition problems can usually be solved fairly quickly by a trained professional, so if your furnace is having problems igniting, call for help.

Problems with the Burner

The burner is the component responsible for heating the heat exchanger. One of the most common problems with a burner is when it is dirty. Dirt can greatly inhibit the operation of the burner, resulting in failure of all the jets to light and a lack of heat. If rust has developed on the burner, it can block the nozzles of the manifold. Lastly, a dirty flame sensor won’t be able to properly sense the flame of the last burner and as a result, will kill the entire ignition process.

Furnace repair takes training, expertise and experience, so don’t leave your heating repair in Salt Lake City to just anyone: call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today.

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