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Check Your Furnace for Low Air Flow

Most homes in the South Jordan, UT area used forced-air furnaces to stay warm during the winter. Furnaces heat the air in their chamber with a series of burners and a heat exchanger, then blow the heated air through the system of ducts in your home. Chances are, you’ve already used yours on a regular basis this fall, and that usage will only increase as time goes on. ┬áThat makes now an excellent time to check for problems with your furnace, especially low air flow, which is something that can have serious implications if it isn’t addressed properly.

What Causes It?

Low air flow can be caused by a number of factors, which can be basically grouped into two categories:

  • Something blocking or diverting the flow of air, which can include clogs in the duct system, an air filter in need of changes and breaches or dents in the ducts themselves.
  • A lack of power moving the air, which usually means a problem with the fan motor, an issue with the fan belt, or the fan itself being broken or misaligned.

It takes a trained professional to pinpoint the exact source of the issue and enact repairs. which is why you should never attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Why Is It A Problem?

Low air flow means that the heating system needs to take longer than it should in order to warm your home, which leads to greater strain and higher monthly costs. Furthermore, in most cases the hot air which isn’t being blown into your home remains stuck inside the furnace itself, where it can burn out key components if you aren’t careful. Modern furnaces have automatic shut-off switches which will shut the furnace down, but that still leaves a problem in need of fixing before you can run your system again.

Call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating and Air to take care of low air flow in your furnace.


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