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Check to See If You Need a New Air Conditioner

With proper care and maintenance, your air conditioner can last a good long time, sometimes years past its warranty. But sooner or later, air conditioners need to be replaced, and August is an excellent time to make the assessment. Summer’s been going for a few months here in Salt Lake City, UT and all that activity has put strain on your system. That gives you a good baseline to determine if it can continue for another summer (or even several), or if you’re going to need to replace it between now and next spring. That also gives you the maximum amount of time to plan for the replacement: selecting a new model that’s right for your home and scheduling it at leisure — when it fits your timetable — instead of scrambling after a sudden breakdown. We use three basic rules to help make the call on whether an air conditioner needs to be replaced.

1. Too Many Repairs

A single excessive repair — something that costs more than the system is worth — is often enough to prompt a replacement. In addition, if you’ve had to have your system repaired more than twice in the last year, that probably signals a need to get a new one. AsĀ air conditioners get older, those repairs will only increase.

2. Monthly Bills are Out of Hand

Inefficiency grows as air conditioners get older, and while you might not have to face an actual breakdown, the monthly cost of running such a system can get to be too much. A new system will be more efficient and cut down on those costs a lot.

3. The Warranty Has Expired

As we said above, the system can often run well past its expiration date, but if the warranty has expired and you experience either of the above conditions, you should seriously consider replacing the whole thing.

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