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How Energy Efficiency Factors Into Furnace Installation

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Saving money is important to many homeowners when it comes to installing large appliances, but when it comes to saving money on furnaces, inexpensive units may actually come with a price tag later on. When you want to save money on a furnace installation, it’s best to think about the cost benefits over time. An electric furnace is cheaper and less time-consuming to install, but the cost of running an electric unit is a bit more than running a gas furnace. And a gas furnace can still run inefficiently if it does not have a high AFUE.

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You can find out how efficient your unit is by checking the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), a measure of how much energy a heating system uses to heat a given space. A higher percentage indicates greater efficiency. An AFUE of 80%, for example, uses 80% of the energy it consumes to heat your home, while the rest of the energy escapes elsewhere. Many furnaces today have an efficiency rating of 90% AFUE or more, and the most efficient units receive the coveted ENERGY STAR label.

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ENERGY STAR seals and the AFUE number are a great starting point in determining your environmental impact and how much you can save from month to month. However, these energy ratings will mean almost nothing if your unit is not installed correctly. Proper installation involves some complicated factors that often include some difficult equations and professional expertise. If your furnace is too big or too small, it may waste energy trying to get your home to the proper temperature. If the venting system does not allow combustion gases to vent properly, it will shut off frequently, also wasting energy. Even a loose screw can have an impact on the operation of the furnace.

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