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Can My Air Conditioning Repairs Wait?

We’re sitting in the dog days of summer here in in Salt Lake City, UT, when temperatures are highest and your air conditioner has the most demand placed on it. You’ll likely need your air conditioner on most days, which can present a dilemma if a repair issue comes up. Unless the system is in major distress or flat-out refuses to turn on, you may be tempted to let any lingering repair issues just wait until the weather cools down and you can afford to turn the system off until a technician can take a look at it.

This can be a huge mistake. Repair issues need to be addressed promptly, even if the system continues to run while they’re going on. “Why?” we hear you ask. “Can my air conditioning repairs wait?” There’s some very good reasons why not.

Higher Bills

In the first case, any problem with your air conditioner means that the system needs to work harder in order to do its job. The added stress and strain means that the system needs to consume more energy to do the same task, which means higher bills during a period that already stretches your cooling dollar to the limit. It’s almost like a tax on not getting repairs. The longer you wait, the more money the system will pull out of your pocket.

Increased Risk of Repairs

Even more important than higher bills is the damage the strain on your system can cause. Because the components work for longer hours to cool your home, the added strain means an added risk of a breakdown. Then you’ll be forced to fix the issue regardless and at a much higher price to boot.

As we enter the last phase of summer, don’t just let your air conditioning problems wait. Call At Your Service today to get the issue resolved properly!

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