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Benefits of Installing a New Garbage Disposal

If you current garbage disposal is breaking down frequently, making unpleasant grinding sounds you’ve never heard before, or causing sink clogs because it isn’t cutting up food waste efficiently enough, then you should consider a replacement unit. With all the work that a disposal does in a kitchen, it will eventually wear down. (And, if you don’t have a kitchen disposal at all, you should definitely have one installed as soon as possible.)

For installation of a new garbage disposal in Salt Lake City, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air. We offer extensive plumbing services for kitchens that will keep your pipes and appliances healthy and efficient.

Advantages of a new garbage disposal installation

  • Reduced clogs and other damage to your pipes: The whole reason to have a garbage disposal in the first place is to prevent food particles from creating blockages in drains. If a garbage disposal isn’t doing a thorough job of slicing up food waste before sending it into the wastewater line, it will start to send large food deposits into the pipes. This will cause frequent clogging to occur in the plumbing system. It will also cause damage to the pipes by increasing water pressure. Unless you plan to unclog and clean your pipes once a month (and you don’t want to) you should have a new disposal put in.
  • Save energy: Disposals do not use much energy to run, which is one reason they are so useful in a home. But when a disposal starts to malfunction and wear down, it will begin to put a strain on the power and raise your bills—all to do a less effective job than it once did. (You will also waste water trying to wash down the food that keeps getting stuck inside a malfunctioning disposal.)
  • You can purchase a more efficient model: A newer garbage disposal will work better than your old one ever did. Purchasing and installing a new garbage disposal will take advantage of newer technology in waste disposal that will benefit your plumbing and make your kitchen more sanitary.

Installing a new garbage disposal is not a DIY task: the new system must fit perfectly to your sink so it does not leak and has the right flow of water and waste through it so it will not jam up the drainpipe. (Keep in mind that disposals can also be dangerous if mishandled.) For your new garbage disposal in Salt Lake City, UT, contact the professionals at At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air. We are also ready for disposal repairs 24 hours a day.

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