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Benefits of a Boiler over a Furnace

Many homes in Salt Lake City, CA rely on forced-air furnaces to stay warm during the winter. The warm the air using burners, then blow the heated air through your house using the same system of ducts used by your air conditioner. The system works quite well, but it’s not perfect, and if you find yourself looking for another type of heater to keep your house cozy this winter, you might want to consider a boiler system instead. Boilers used steam heat conveyed through a series of pipes and radiators to warm your home, and the system provides a number of benefits over a furnace that you should consider if you’re looking for a new heating system.

More Effective Heating

Boilers provide steady even heat in your home. Because it’s radiant heat distributed by pipes, there’s a greater amount of control involved, and each corner of your home is heated at about the same level as every other part. Contrast that with forced-air furnace, where the heat is dependent on currents and air flow throughout the home. That can lead to drafts, cold spot s and similar issues. Forced-air furnaces also spread dust and cold germs throughout your home, while boilers help improve your indoor air quality while lowering count of illness to boot. Finally, steam heat can help humidify your home during the dry months of winter: no small consideration here in the deserts of Utah.

Less Expensive Bills

Perhaps even more important is the fact that boilers – while costing more to install – are usually cheaper to run and could save you a great deal of money on monthly bills. Furthermore, because boilers are comparatively simple devices, repairs tend to be less frequent and cost less when they do crop up.

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