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Be Careful What You Throw Down the Drain This Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and that means lots of activity in your kitchen as you prepare meals for visiting family and friends. It also means a high number of plumbing calls as the food you’re preparing ends up clogging your kitchen pipes, requiring professional care to clear up again. Here in Salt Lake City, UT, you certainly have options for unclogging your pipes. But instead of disrupting your holidays with a plumbing call, we’d prefer to help you avoid the problem entirely by watching what you throw down the drain this holiday season. The following foods should be disposed of in the trash instead.

  • Fats, Oils and Grease. These can be extremely tricky because they’re usually in liquid form when you cook with them. But if you pour them down the drain, they will quickly cool in your pipes and create a surprisingly strong clog. Instead of pouring them down the drain, store them in an empty can, then throw it away once it cools.
  • Fibrous Vegetables. This includes things like potato and carrot peelings as well as celery stalks and the like. They can wrap around the garbage disposal blades and cause a breakdown, or clog up your pipes if they get down them.
  • Rice and Pasta. This may seem odd to some people, since such foods are not normally known for causing problems. But they expand when wet and can be surprisingly strong when they get tangled together. Skip the part where they cause a backlog, and throw them away in the trash instead.
  • Bones and Pits. Most people know better than to toss meat bones, cherry pits, peach pits and other super-hard food objects down the drain. They can damage your garbage disposal very easily.

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