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Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps During the Summer

air-conditioning-repairTemperatures have been steadily rising for weeks, and summer will officially begin in just under a month. You’ve likely been running your air conditioner on a regular basis for some time now, and its usage will only increase as the hotter months of the year approach. Now is a very good time to schedule an air conditioning maintenance session from a trained technician. It gives you a chance to get ahead of any problems your system might be experiencing, and make sure that everything goes according to place when the mercury starts creeping upwards.

Catching the Little Things Before They Turn into Big Things

Maintenance is a catch-all term covering a general tune-up of your system. Unlike repair sessions, which are designed to address a single specific problem, maintenance is designed to deal with numerous little problems: the kinds that rarely constitute a repair call on their own, but which can add up to big trouble if you let them. Loose bolts cause components to spread in their housings, clogged filters force the system to work harder to get cool air into your home, and similar issues will increase the strain on your system and lead to myriad other problems as well. Maintenance sessions give the technician a chance to correct them before they can cause any serious damage.

Early Repairs Make a Big Difference

Beyond that, maintenance sessions give the technician a chance to look for signs of a more serious breakdown to come. Most serious repair issues display symptoms well before they become a crisis. A maintenance session lets the technician look for those signs. If spotted, you can then schedule a repair session to deal with the issue before it shuts your system down. Moreover, the repair will likely cost much less than it would if you dealt with it later, since the damage won’t have as much time to spread.

Benefits Beyond the Summer

All of that adds up to big benefits for your home during the summer. Your air conditioner will be able to do its job more effectively, cutting down on your monthly energy bills in the process. The reduced wear and tear means there will be much less chance of a breakdown too, allowing you to run your system as often as you need to without worrying about it needing repairs just when a heat wave hits.

But those benefits don’t need to be limited to just a single summer. By applying maintenance sessions regularly (once a year or so) over time, the wear and tear on the unit will be lowered. That in turn can extend its lifespan well past the expiration of its warranty – by months or even years in many cases – and allow you to get the maximum use out of your system before you have to pay for a replacement unit. That provides value and reliability not only this summer, but for many summers to come.

If you haven’t had your air conditioner maintained in the last 12 months here in Holladay, UT, call At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today!

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