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A Few Things to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal makes life in a kitchen much easier. Instead of separating out excess food into a composting bucket when cleaning the dishes, you can simply scrape the organic waste down into the disposal, flip the switch near the sink, and like magic the food vanishes.

However, a garbage disposal isn’t magic: it cannot handle anything placed into it. Unfortunately, people often treat it as if it could, and this leads to the majority of garbage disposal malfunctions. To help you keep your kitchen’s disposal in good shape, look over this list of items that you should never put down it.

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Never put the following down a garbage disposal

Your hand: This should be obvious, but just to be on the safe side: don’t put your hand down the garbage disposal for any reason. If you need to unjam the flywheel, have a plumber take care of it.

Inorganic waste: Only organic material should go into a disposal. It’s not a garbage can, so put paper, matches, plastics spoons, bottle caps, etc. in an actual garbage can. Nothing will damage the mechanics of a disposal faster than a loose piece of metal crashing around inside it.

Solid organic waste: I.e. “anything you can’t chew.” If your teeth can’t handle it, your garbage disposal can’t either. So place all chicken bones and unpopped popcorn kernels in the trash.

Liquid fat, oil, and grease: Collectively known as “Liquid F.O.G.”, these substances are the #1 enemy of garbage disposals everywhere. Although these liquids looks harmless going in, each changes into a waxy solid when it dries. This will clog drainpipes and jam up the disposal until its motor burns out. Remove all liquid F.O.G. to a separate receptacle and place them in the trash.

Please keep in mind that any repairs for a garbage disposal that go beyond hitting the reset button at the bottom of the unit should only be done by trained plumbers. Avoid the temptation to reach your hand into the disposal to try to dislodge it! Instead, pick up the phone and call a Salt Lake City, UT plumber who can fix the problem quickly and safely.

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