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3 Tips for Your Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most important components of your heating and air conditioning system, allowing you to have complete control over the temperature – and thus the comfort levels – in your home. That’s especially important as fall turns slowly to winter here in Salt Lake City, UT and we’ll need our heaters and furnaces to keep us warm. Thermostats are used so often that many people end up taking them for granted, and often perpetrate a number of myths in the process. Here’s 3 key tips for your thermostat that can save you money and prevent some of those myths from taking hold.

1)    Always Adjust the Temperature When You Leave

Many people won’t turn the thermostat off or alter the temperature in any way when they leave the house, believing that it costs more to raise of lower the temperature in those instances. This isn’t the case. Your thermostat doesn’t make the HVAC system “work harder” by setting the temperature higher or lower, and letting it run simply wastes energy. Set the thermostat 5 or 10 degrees above or below what you find comfortable when you leave; it will save you money.

2)    Make Sure the Thermostat Can Read the Temperature Accurately

A thermostat placed in a cross-breeze won’t be able to gauge the temperature in your home. Nor can one that gets an unusual amount of sunlight, or that’s placed too close to a vent. A trained professional can move the thermostat for you if you need it to be more accurate.

3)    Don’t Set It Higher or Lower than You Want

The HVAC system usually has three settings: blow hot air, blow cool air and off. There’s no temperature gradient. Instead, the thermostat simply turns it on or off when it reaches the correct temperature. You don’t accomplish anything by setting the temperature higher or lower than you need it: it only adds unnecessary strain to the system.

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