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3 Steps to Take When Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Sooner or later, every air conditioner needs to be put out to pasture, and many homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT choose to replace theirs in the springtime. That allows them to take advantage of improved efficiency and similar bells and whistles in their new system during the heat of the summer, but there’s more to installing a new system than just picking a model and letting the technician get to work. Here are 3 steps to take when replacing your air conditioning system that can help you get the most out of your purchase.

1.      Size the System Properly

If your new system is too powerful, it will short-cycle, which wastes a lot of energy and adds undue stress to the system. If it’s not powerful enough, it will struggle to keep up with the demands of your household, and similarly cost you in higher bills and increased risk of repair. A professional service technician can make careful measurements of your home and find a system than is neither too large nor too small but just right.

2.      Find One with High Efficiency Ratings

Like any other mechanical device, air conditioners lose efficiency as they get older: requiring more energy to run and costing more in monthly bills. Your new system should be more efficient than your old one with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating if at all possible. It will save you money in the long run and lower your monthly bills.

3.      See If Upgrades Are For You

Minor upgrades to your system can include zone controls, which let you set different temperatures in different rooms in your house, and upgraded thermostats that can be turned on and off remotely with an app. Installing a new system is the perfect time to add such bells and whistles.

When you’re ready to replace your air conditioning system, give the professionals of At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air a call!


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