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3 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

No one likes to think about replacing their water heater, but no appliance is perfect and even the most stalwart water heater reaches a point where it’s easier simply to install a no one than let it continue functioning. Here in Salt Lake City, UT, the high salt content in our air can accelerate corrosion, which means you should keep a careful eye out for the signs that you need to replace your water heater. Here’s three in particular, which you should use as a guide when making your decision.

1.     Discolored Water in Your Taps

Discolored water usually stems from rust and corrosion on the side of your water heater, which breaks off and travels through the water in your tap. Look for it in any faucet or outlet, but in particular the hot water taps or faucets. The anode rod in your water heart is supposed to treat rust, but if it wears out and isn’t replaced, then the sides of your heater will develop rust comparatively quickly. If the water heater isn’t replaced, you’re likely looking at a breach sometime in the not too distant future.

2.     Puddles

If a breach has occurred in your water heater, the best way to spot it would be to look for puddles around the base of the heater. This tends to be more reliable than checking the tank, because when the water itself cools inside the tank, the metal will shrink, possibly hiding the breach. A puddle at the base of your system is a good sign that your water heater needs replacing.

3.     Age

In and of itself, age isn’t necessarily a sign that you need a new water heater. Well-maintained units can last many years beyond their warranty. But if you find your water bills going up or are calling in repairs too often on a water heater that’s more than 15 or 20 years old, it could be the factor that determines the need to replace it.

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