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3 Qualities to Look for With Professional Heating Repair

heating-repair-serviceWe’re approaching the end of heating season, as winter enters its last few weeks and spring looks to return before too much longer. This is the part of the year where heating repair calls are the most common. Most homes in the area have been running their heaters on a daily basis for several months, and all of that strain inevitable takes its toll. A good heating repair service is invaluable during the last stages of winter, and if your heater runs into trouble, you want to make sure you contact the right service to help.

It can be difficult sometimes to determine which service is the right one, however. There are a number of them in the area and most of them will do a decent job. When it comes to your heating system, however, “decent” just isn’t good enough, and while only you the homeowner can ultimately decide which service will work best for you, there are a few guidelines you can look for that can help separate the merely decent services from the really good ones.

1. NATE Certification

Most companies offer affiliations from the companies that produce the heating and air conditioning systems they service, and almost all of them offer testimonials from satisfied customers. The very best companies, however, feature a prominent purple seal from an organization called NATE. North American Technician Excellence is an objective third party dedicated to evaluating the skills of repair technicians and similar professionals, They only award their certification to those who meet the very highest standards. That purple seal means you’re dealing with a company you can trust.

2. Service on a Variety of Systems

The more types of heater and air conditioner a given service can perform, the broader their experience and the more likely they’ll have the skills to handle your particular problem instead of applying some kind of generic solution. Look for companies that offer repair services for boilers, radiant heating systems and other “alternative” types of heater as well as forced-air furnaces. Also look for companies that provide air conditioning and plumbing services in addition to heating services.

3. Estimates and Financing

A good heating service will be up front about the cost of any repairs. That means providing an estimate before repairs begin so that you don’t run into any unexpected “surprise costs” midway through. At the same time, a really good company knows that heating repairs are not a matter of luxury. A home without heating can be turned into an ice box in a matter of hours, but times are tough and not every household can simply pay up front. That’s why they will offer financing options to help your space out the payments and provide a plan to take care of the repairs that won’t break your budget. And they’ll work all of that out with you before repairs begins so that everyone is clear about how the repairs will succeed.

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