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3 Problems Corrected by UV Germicidal Lights

Homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT often focus on air conditioning needs during the heat of summer. A good air conditioner is vital to your comfort when the temperatures climb, but temperature isn’t the only component you should focus on. Indoor air quality plays a huge role in determining how healthy and happy you feel at home, and a UV germicidal light system is a great way to keep your air fresh and clean. The UV light is invisible to the naked eye and harmless to people and most animals, but it eliminates germs and other bacteria that pass through it. Since your air conditioner circulates the air in your home, it makes an effective way of treating a great deal of your indoor air within a comparatively small and manageable system.

As for the benefits, here’s a quick list of 3 problems corrected by UV germicidal lights:

  • Mold and bacteria. You may notice a build-up of fungus and mold around your ducts and elsewhere in the home where moist wet air accumulates. UV germicidal lights can help reduce such growth, regardless of where it is found in the house.
  • Stale air. Even without signs of overt mold, without a UV germicidal light, your air may feel stale and musty, reducing your overall comfort levels. With the light in place, that stale air could be replaced by a fresher, cleaner atmosphere.
  • Fewer bouts of sickness. Flu bugs and other illnesses can travel through the air, but they won’t get far with a UV light in place. This benefits all members of the household, but especially those vulnerable to illnesses, such as the very old or very young.

For households interested in the benefits of a UV germicidal light, the friendly professionals of At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air are standing by to help. Give us a call today!

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