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3 Possible Improvements for your Kitchen Plumbing

kitchen-plumbing-improvementsYour kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house: the place where you prepare meals and gather to discuss important events of the day. With the exception of your bathroom, no plumbing fixtures receive more use than those in your kitchen. If you’re looking at making improvements to your kitchen plumbing – either on their own or as part of a larger kitchen remodeling session – it pays to consider your options carefully.

Every home is unique and your kitchen is equally unique. When planning for improvements, it pays to discuss what you want with your plumbing technician and find the right specifics to suit the space. That said, there are some common notions you might want to consider regardless of your circumstances. We’ve listed three of them below, to give you an idea of what your options are.

1.     Sinks

Every kitchen needs a sink and if your current model isn’t doing the job, you might want to think about a change. If you have space and you’re constantly jostling with other family members over the sink use, a second sink or the addition of a double sink can do wonders to alleviate the space.

You might also consider the notion of dedicated sinks: one for food preparation and one for cleaning, for instance. Not only does that help prevent multiple family members fighting over a single sink, but it allows you to better organize the space and tasks of the kitchen.

2.     Water Outlets

Most modern refrigerators contain water dispensers and/or ice cube makers, both of which require a water line to use. If your kitchen doesn’t have a dedicated water line for this purpose, you should seriously consider getting one installed. But water lines can serve other purposes as well. For instance, the kitchen is one of the most common spots in the home for house fires, for obvious reasons. A sprinkler system installed in your kitchen can help address those concerns, and such systems require a dedicated water line for that purpose.

Water outlets are an excellent example of why kitchen plumbing needs to fit your specific need, and why a trained plumber can help you sort out the best possibilities for you.

3.     Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water is essential to any kitchen environment: both for cooking and for cleaning. Most homes in the area use traditional tank water heaters, but they’re often responsible for the entire household and may take time to reach sufficient temperatures. A tankless water heater installed in your kitchen will heat the water instantly as it travels through the pipes. Not only does this mean you can access hot water instantly, but you won’t have to waste water by running the sink until the hot water starts to flow. Over time, this can save you a great deal of money, and because tankless water heaters can be installed at the sink itself, it’s easy for plumbers to treat when trouble arises.

For kitchen plumbing improvements to your Salt Lake City, UT home, call the friendly pros of At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today!

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