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3 Late Summer Air Conditioning Issues

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, but we all know that hot days continue for a few more weeks here in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s a dangerous time for your air conditioner because you’ve likely been running it for several months already, and any problems are likely getting larger under the strain. Good maintenance can reduce those risks, but no system is foolproof and if unexpected repairs are going to arise, now is likely the time. You can get a jump on them by watching closely for late summer air conditioning issues. Here are 3 common ones to keep an eye on.

1)    Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant levels aren’t supposed to drop. Your system depends on a set amount – determined by make and model – which circulates through the system in perpetuity. When leaks spring up, they throw that balance off. Ice forms on the evaporator coils and the system’s cooling potential is diminished: resulting in higher monthly bills and an increased risk of repairs. A trained technician will find and seal the leak before restoring refrigerant levels to their specified levels.

2)    Clogs

Clogs take place when filters haven’t been changed in a while, and occasionally when build-up elsewhere in the system reaches the point where it restricts the flow of air. This can be as damaging as a lack of cool air, since it forces the system to work harder to get your house to the correct temperature.

3)    Dusty Components

We get a lot of dust in Salt Lake City, and as it circulates through your system, it can leave a lot of troublesome problems behind. When it coats air conditioning components, it can interfere with the cooling process, as well as increasing friction between moving parts. An air conditioning repair specialist can clean up the dust as part of a regular maintenance session.

If you spot any late summer air conditioning issues, call At Your Service right away!

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