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Address These 3 Issues with Your Air Conditioner Now

Air ConditionersSpring has officially arrived, and with it your air conditioning system is going to be seeing increased use until you’re running it daily in the summer. Now makes the ideal time to check your system for any lingering issues that may be giving it trouble. You have several weeks to schedule a repair session if that’s the case, and can set up any further sessions with a technician at your leisure instead of shifting your life around to accommodate a problem that hits in the middle of summer.

A quality maintenance session is a good idea this time of year for precisely this reason, and if you haven’t scheduled one in the past 12 months, you should definitely do so. But beyond that, you should take steps to address these three specific issues with your air conditioner before the summer hits.

  1. Higher Monthly Bills. High bills tend to arise in older units, with worn parts and a warranty that no longer covers key components. The problem usually gets worse as time goes on, and in some cases can ultimately lead to you replacing the system simply to get a more efficient air conditioner in to replace it. If your wallet was feeling the pinch last summer, ask your service technician how you can alleviate it this year. In some cases, a maintenance session is the best option. In others, you may want to look into upgrades like zone control systems or new thermostats. In the worst cases, a replacement session may be necessary. Either way, addressing the issue now will ensure that your bills are lower this summer.
  2. Excessive Dust. Dust and dirt are common nuisances in our part of the world, and they can cause problems in your air conditioner by coating moving components and clogging your filters. Changing the air filters is an absolute must – you can do so yourself and replacement filters can be purchased easily – but if you really want to address the issue, consider installing an electronic air filter into your system. It ionizes the dirt and causes it to stick to a collection plan: keeping your indoor air clean as well as your air conditioner. It also eliminates the cost and both of replacing those filters, and can help your air conditioner last longer before requiring replacement.
  3. Proper Refrigerant Levels. Leaking refrigerant is a common issue for air conditioners, and if a leak develops, it can be quite some time before you pick up on it. Leaks in the winter are especially problematic, because they can go on for months before you turn on your system again. Without properly balanced refrigerant, frost will form on the coils, and your system will need to work much harder in order to do its job. A maintenance session can check for leaks, as well as sealing them and recharging refrigerant levels when they occur.

Here in Draper, UT, quality air conditioning maintenance, repairs and replacement can be conducted by the friendly pros at At Your Service Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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