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3 Common Problems With Radiant Heating Systems

A radiant heating system eschews the usual methods of heating your home via a furnace or a boiler. Instead, it consists of a series of heated coils placed beneath your floor, sending warm temperatures up directly through your feet and the furnishings in your home. It costs less to operate from month to month and provided numerous other benefits, not the least of which is a reliable operating record. But when trouble arises, as it sometimes can, Salt Lake City, UT residents have an option to turn to for repairs. Here’s a quick list of 3 common problems with radiant heating systems that you should watch out for.

Electrical Problems

Most radiant heating systems use electricity to run the pump and other key components. When the wiring becomes frayed, connections become loose or other problems arise in your electrical system, it could cut off power or at least slow the heating process down considerably. A good technician can correct the problem, though you should always check to make sure the problem lies in the radiant heating system and not your electrical system at large.


Leaks happen very rarely with radiant heating systems, since the coils that move the heated liquid are safely protected by your floors. Leaks can spring up at the apex to the system, however, which is easier to deal with, but also hard to spot. Make a habit of checking the water pressure gauge on your system. If it goes down, you probably have a leak.

Low Heat Levels

A system that won’t generate any heat is definitely a problem, but sometimes it does generate heat, just on a lower level than you’d like. That’s typically a pump problem – failing to circulate the liquid – though it might also stem from an issue with the thermostat.

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