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3 Causes of Furnace Burner Malfunction

Furnace burners provide the source of heat for most gas-fed furnaces in the Draper, UT area. Fed by natural gas, they spread the heat across the heat exchangers: shaped pieces of metal which can effectively distribute the heat to the air above them. The heated air can then be blown through the vents with your fan. They’re vital parts of the system, but because they do the lion’s share of the work, they’re one of the components that suffers from breakdowns and other issues the most often.

You should never attempt to fix a faulty burner yourself; you may make the problem worse, and only licensed repair technicians are qualified to handle the issue. Always turn the furnace off and call a repair surface if you suspect trouble. It may be helpful, however, to understand some of the potential causes of burner shutdown. We’ve included a short list below:

  • Gas leak. Modern furnaces will not turn the burners on if there is a gas leak somewhere in the system.
  • Physical damage. Physical damage will cause the burners to malfunction, and likely trigger safety switches that will keep the entire system turned off.
  • Clogs. A clogged burner is simple enough to clean up for a technician undertaking a service session. Clogs often arise at the beginning of heating season, or if the heater has not been used in some time.
  • Lack of electrical power. Technically speaking, a lack of electrical power usually affects the ignition rather than the burners themselves, but safety switches will prevent the burners from turning on (and sending gas into your home) if the ignition switch is shut down.

The good news is that, while professionals are required for burner repair services, the situation can usually be corrected swiftly and efficiently.

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